Terms and conditions

Rules of Using of the Master Climate Solutions

Logo and Marketing Materials

The rules contained hereunder have been drawn up with the purpose of informing business partners of Master Climate Solutions Group about the appropriate forms and principles which are to be observed while using our marketing materials, trademarks and trade names.

Our materials such as: photographs, catalog designs, webpage, films, packaging designs etc. are protected under the Act on Copyright and Related Rights, by virtue of which we are entitled to use and distribute those materials.

I. Master Climate Solutions Logo.

The Master Climate Solutions logo shown below is a trademark of the MCS Group, members of which are: Dantherm Sp. z o.o., Dantherm S.p.A.

The logo above can be used by business partners of the MCS for information purposes only and should be used to denote the manufacturer of the devices - Master Group and in promotional contents concerning devices manufactured by the MCS Group. The above logo should not be used in combination with products for which it was not intended. Use the above color scheme and proportions for the logo, maximum allowable dimensions are: 134 x 48 pixels. The logo must not be used as a main component of a website header nor as a main component of website layout.

II. Use of photographs, publications, designs etc. for the purpose

of placing them on the business partners’ web pages.

  1. MCS constitutes the sole owner of the copyright laws to all the materials placed on the mcsworld.com website and under the „masterheaters” local domains, which include among other things: the webpage design, photographs, articles, instruction manuals, catalogs, diagrams, descriptions etc. Unauthorized copying, scanning and distribution of the said materials shall constitute an infringement of the copyright.
  2. MCS permits its business partners to use the marketing materials on their own websites, provided that such materials are downloaded from “Gold Club”- folder: Downloadable Content, located on the mcsworld.com webpage. Access to these files is password protected.
  3. Receiving the access password to the „Gold Club” from MCS is tantamount to receiving permission to use all marketing materials contained therein.
  4. All photographs and all the images to be found in the folder: Downloadable Content in „Gold Club” can be used for the sole purpose of providing adequate information to the clients about the products of MCS Company.
  5. Business partners of the MCS are not authorized to transfer marketing materials to third parties without prior written consent of the MCS.
  6. Promotional materials and articles copyrighted by MCS can be placed by MCS business partners on their own websites, on condition that an active link is given to their original download page and that the following note is added: “The article is made available with the consent of Master Climate Solutions”
  7. Promotional videos owned by MCS by virtue of the copyright, can be used to promote products offered by the MCS provided that the source of the recording is given (link to the MCS page or a direct link to the official MCS YouTube page and profile).
  8. Copying the MCS website in full or in parts thereof is prohibited.
  9. The MCS shall be entitled to withdraw any and all entitlements arising from these Rules at any moment in time, with reference to the business partners who violate the said rules. Those business partners shall be obliged to immediately remove all the MCS’s marketing materials used by them up to that point.
  10. Entities which have ended their cooperation with MCS shall automatically lose all entitlements described herein in points 2-7 of the Rules.

Please contact us should any doubts arise with reference to the present Rules, or should it become necessary to grant written consent to pass marketing materials to third parties.

Dantherm Sp. z o. o.

e-mail: sekretariat@dantherm.com

phone: 061 654 40 00

Data, descriptions and pictures are for indication only and absolutely not binding.

The Company reserves the right to modify or improve them without prior notice.