Master heats Amatrice after the earthquake


On 24th August, 2016 a powerful earthquake devastated Amatrice town in the central Italian mountains. The scale of destruction was incredible. Almost 300 people died under the rubble of their homes and over 2,500 became homeless. Historical buildings, roads, public places are totally damaged. After two months from this disaster, Amatrice is still trying to get up and rebuild.

The Rescue Crews, including the Government Civil Defence, the Caritas and the Red Cross, have been doing their best to help the victims from the very beginning. They provided temporary accommodation and emergency shelters. Simple kitchens, bathrooms and schools was reopened in temporary containers to ensure at least a little bit of normality.

In this area, autumn and winter are very cold: Master heaters were sent to warm up the tents and the buildings for the inhabitants and for the Rescue Teams. Mainly BV290, BV170 and BV77 Master diesel indirect heaters are now at work. As these are equipped with flexible tubes, the warm air can be delivered even to the most difficult places to reach. For supporting outdoor works, XL61 Master infrared heaters are there. B18 EPR Master airflow electric heaters are used as well to heat smaller inside areas.

We hope that, despite the enormous tragedy, with the help of the Rescue Teams and of the Master heaters, people in Amatrice will return to normal life in a short time.