Master BC 60 air coolers at 17th FINA World Championship in Budapest


The organizers of 17th FINA World Championships Budapest 2017 (World Junior Swimming Championships) decided to use four Master BC 60 air coolers to keep a comfortable climate conditions in the rooms of VIP and Media Center. We are glad to be a part of a great success of this event, which beyond all expectations was the best one in all FINA history.

The devices were supplied by our distributor, company EUROKOMAX which sent us some photos and video. Please read also their press release below to find out more.

Behind the scenes of the FINA World Championships 2017

Due to financial reasons in 2015 February, Mexico withdrew from hosting the 17th FINA World Championships. Few days later, on the 11th of March, it was announced that Budapest would host the event. Although, the city was originally chosen to organize the 2021 Championships.

Budapest wasn’t just ready, but the organizers did a fantastic job dealing with the tight deadlines. Both, the national and international media praised the city for being such an excellent host, even Julio Maglione - the president of FINA - said the 17th FINA World Championships were the best world championship of all time in the history of FINA.

But, what is the relation between DANTHERM and FINA? The professional equipment that made the 17th FINA World Championships even better. We are very proud of our distributor EUROKOMAX KFT, who supplied MASTER coolers to the organizers of this great event. The feedback from the hosts was really good, the machines worked very well, they’ve set up a comfortable indoor climate with optimal combination of temperature and humidity.

MASTER coolers are using a simple natural process: the evaporating water decreases the temperature of the air. A pump takes the water from a tank and wets a wide filter of natural cellulose. Also, this is the reason why the organizers of the event chose the best way to control the climate. As mentioned above this method is an energy saving and an environmentally friendly process, in all aspect a good choice anyway. The coolers can be used for home and office applications as well as in industry or outdoor events.

Once again, we are happy to take a little part of the success of 17th FINA World Championships.