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Master products can also be used by the so called small businesses, these products have lower rated power, are more compact, and the installation is quick and easy, these products do not generate high running costs. They are frequently used in workshops, car washes and smaller manufacturing businesses. They are usually used in specific times of the year, depending on actual weather conditions and individual requirements of the entrepreneur, as dictated by his or her business. Heaters can be used in workshops, storehouses and also individual workspaces.

Master product offer includes devices powered by diesel oil, electricity and natural gas, there is a wide range of devices with different capacity and application.


For heating workshops, garages or small manufacturing businesses, we recommend smaller devices which are comparatively less expensive to run. Most popular models do not feature fume exhaust systems, other noteworthy items in our product offer include XL6 radiators.

Due to high efficiency and low running costs, they are often used in car repair shops and other craft businesses. Allow to quickly and effectively heat up interiors without the need to install traditional heating systems.

Master ventilators allow to maintain proper air ventilation in the facility and ensure proper air exchange. They allow to maintain a comfortable working environment.

The mobile Master air conditioner series ensures comfortable conditions in the workshop facilities during summer season. Another noteworthy item in our offer are evaporative ventilation systems which are becoming increasingly more popular.


Outdoor work
Heating employees
Heating working space

Spot heating
Ensuring proper air exchange
Cooling during summer


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